Profiling Services

Profiling Services

Correct data to target the right relevant people makes all the difference between success and failure

Zettria can provide a range of data profiling services including segmentation with our data provision software geared specifically for campaigns to sell or rent property

We have access to the National Canvasse which is an extension of the Electoral Register provided by Experian. Using many data sources, it aims to fill any gaps not filled by the Electoral Register. National Canvasse generates a high volume of information covering over 38 million UK adults) and provides a well targeted individual or household level prospect lists. which also provides valuable up-to-date information to help target new prospects

Data profiling

Zettria can provide a complete picture of your client base. We can identify key characteristics such as age, gender, affluence, etc. We can tell you about the type of property that they live in, how long they have lived there and provide an insight into their lifestyle. This insight can be as detailed as you need.

We can analyse your existing data base, to build a profile of your specific customer groups. We will work with you to determine your requirements and construct a profile accordingly. This profile can then be incorporated into a prospect database to easily identify the key prospects in your area such as those with the same characteristics and ability to spend as your customer base. This can then be used to generate mailing lists of those people who are relevant to your specific product.


Data cleaning

It is estimated that every day 1,600 people die, 18,000 registrations are received for the Telephone Preference Service, 240 businesses move premises and 18,000 people move house. All of these changes cause consumer and business data to rapidly become out of date rendering them eventually less than useful. The integrity of the consumer and business data used within customer communications and marketing campaigns has a direct impact on the response rates, campaign costs and a consumer’s perception of the organisation. Hence, having or relying on invalid or out of date data can be worse than having no data at all.
Data cleansing enables organisations to address these issues. In addition costs associated with contacting individuals who cannot or will not respond will be reduced. This will improve the effectiveness of communications to consumers, response rates and return on marketing investment.
Data cleansing will also reduce the risk of causing consumer annoyance and damaging brand reputation. It will also ensure that data and marketing communications are compliant with the numerous data regulatory requirements.

Business data

In order to mount any successful Business to Business (B2B) campaign, the business data needs to be up to date, accurate and relevant. At Zettria we can provide a cost effective solution for business to business prospecting. Our professionalism, expertise and results oriented approach can help you with your customer relationship marketing. We will also help you to acquire new customers, retain existing customers and even reactivate old customers.

With over 1.6 million business records, we are able to provide custom lists to meet all of your requirements. You will be able to select data using criteria such as geography, activity and business information. We can check and analyse your client databases to remove duplication's or remove unnecessary or invalid customers from your prospect lists. This will ensure that customers are treated and dealt with appropriately.